Repair Plan

Repair Plan/Automotive Blueprinting vs. Estimating

Choosing an auto repair facility that offers comprehensive repair plans/blueprinting is ideal for both the shop and for you, our valued customer.

So, what exactly is it? What are the advantages? How does it differ from the standard estimating process?

Auto Repair Plan/Blueprinting

Assesses the state and condition of the vehicle as a whole as soon as it enters the repair facility.

It is an in depth analysis of all relevant damage and any preexisting conditions.

It involves the immediate marking and disassembly of the vehicle, allowing a complete and comprehensive repair plan to be made, and a parts list to be generated and ordered immediately.

This saves valuable time over the course of the repair, streamlining shop efficiency and returning your vehicle as quickly as possible!

The estimating process is often a quick initial write up, or “Preliminary Estimate,” based solely on visible and obvious damage.

It is much less comprehensive, because it is often done based on photographs of the impacted area, without the vehicle being present for disassembly and further inspection.

Although it can give a good baseline for repairs, at it’s best it offers possible time and potential costs, often resulting in further damage discovery, multiple parts orders, additional charges and delays in the repair process.

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